Student Advising Information

Dr. Miksa's Advisees UPDATED (June 2019)

 This page is for students who have been assigned Dr. Miksa as their Faculty Advisor for the duration of their courses here at Department of Information Science.

 Dr Miksa advises students who are in one of two Programs of Study (POS), whether you are pursing a MS in Library Science or a MS in Information Science:


I am pretty easy going when it comes to the classes you are interested in taking but I do like to construct a degree plan that will be most beneficial for you earning your Masters degree.  Students should plan to create a degree plan that takes advantage of their time here at LIS and that gives them maximum exposure to the ideas, technology, history, and philosophy that make up the library and information science field.

As an librarian who specializes in information organization I have my own views and opinions on what courses students should take, but I am more than willing to assist in constructing a strategy that works best for you.

 Advising Process

Each semester students should schedule an advising session with me so we can decide on what courses you will take and/or modify your degree plan.  My official advising hours take place on weekday afternoons, unless otherwise specified.  These can be on-campus appointments or by telephone.  Students must either call me my office at 940-565-3560 or email me to schedule the appointment. We can use Skype or Zoom to meet online.

It is best to plan out courses at least two semesters in advance.  For each advising session please make a list of the courses you are interested in taking, as well as alternatives should your preferred course be full for the semester.  We will discuss all options and plan to the best of our ability using the semester class schedules.

Students are encouraged to study the course descriptions of LIS courses from the Graduate Catalog in preparation for each advising session but do keep in mind these are brief descriptions.  I can usually give you more details about certain courses but you are always free to contact the course instructor for more information. 

After we decide on what courses you want to register for you must then send me an Advising Memo (AM). This form can be found on the Forms page linked from the LIS Admissions and Advising webpage or access the AM form directly. CI-Advising will reserve a seat for you in the course.  You must pay for the course in order to secure the seat.

A word about email addressesplease use your official UNT email address for all school related correspondence.  If you have an alternate email address you can set up the UNT account to forward emails to that alternate.  Use the EagleConnect for instructions setting-up your account. However, as with many email services EagleConnect may sometimes trash emails that come from certain ISPs or email companies. This is mainly due to SPAM/junk mail blockers so be sure to check your Junk mail inbox often for important correspondence.

MARCH 2010: Change in Definition of Half-time Enrollment for Graduate Students. Effective Fall 2010, half-time enrollment for all graduate students will be defined as at least five (5) graduate credit hours per term. Based on guidance from the U.S. Department of Education for financial aid purposes, a graduate student must be enrolled at least half-time to establish eligibility for most financial aid programs and for in-school loan deferment. Full-time (9 hours) and three-quarter time (6-8 hours) enrollment for graduate students will not be affected by this change. Questions can be answered by staff in the UNT Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office.

 Changes to degree plan or POS:

If you find that you want to add or drop a course please send me an email so I can make the change on your degree plan.  Keeping the degree plan up-to-date can be a bit of a chore but it pays in the end, especially when it comes time for you to take the End of Program Examination. If you want to change to another Faculty Advisor be sure to use the Change of Advisor form. It is perfectly fine to change advisors should your interests change; no feelings will be hurt.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact me at (the most efficient way) or call me at 940-565-3560. We can also Skype.